What the He&* is this site about

We join you in saying “What the He&* is this site about??!!”
We have spent the last year, (yes we just celebrated our first year anniversary) asking ourselves the same question.  So,  let us try to explain what we THINK is the purpose of

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3:03 am Pacific Time….[blancolirio]….(Juan Browne)….’Camp’ Fire UPDATE 20 Nov. 2018 Drive Through Devastated Paradise, Ca.

Using video shot by Nurse Dean Strait as he drives up to the Feather River Hospital and back through the town of Paradise on Sunday 11 Nov. just 4 days after the fire.
I will have the complete interview with Dean soon. He was part of the team that successfully evacuated ALL the patients from the Feather River Hospital.

7:38 am Pacific Time….[Our Wyoming Life]….The History of the Ranch – Our Arrival – Part 1

This week we start a new monthly series on Our Wyoming Life as we take a look at the history of the ranch. Our first part concentrates on what brought us to the ranch, allowing us to leave our corporate jobs and seek a life that at the time we didn’t even know we loved.
Take a look at the hard decisions that had to be made and the tragedies that brought us to Our Wyoming Life.
Join us on our journey as we leave a life in corporate america to come back to Wyoming and help on the family ranch.

Our Wyoming Life features our Wyoming ranch and our ranch family. Giving you a look into the workings of ranching from raising cattle to raising and harvesting crops. Erin will join you weekly out of the garden, showing you how she helps provide for our family through growing produce and selling at local farmers markets, and Mike will take you along as he tends to the animals and land of ranch, from calving to fencing to planting and harvesting hay.

8:50 pm Pacific Time….[Destroying the Illusion]….#QAnon….[11.19] New QProofs / Sealed Indictments / Julian Assange / Pentagon Audit / Google Hints @ ET’s

Today’s Links:
InTheMatrixxx Q-Clock tweet – https://bit.ly/2FyABLT
ABC: There are dozens of sealed criminal indictments on the DC docket. – https://abcn.ws/2qQtJzt
Court filings accidentally reveal charges against Julian Assange – https://tcrn.ch/2QbSSTe
Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says – https://reut.rs/2TjIwzC
Grassley opts for Finance Committee, setting up Graham to lead Judiciary Committee – https://cnb.cx/2zcPxtB
GOP prepares to subpoena Comey, Lynch before losing power – https://bit.ly/2Kh95RR
Arecibo message explained: Today’s Google doodle decoded – https://bit.ly/2PBlNkh
Twitter: @Jordan_Sather_
Facebook: @destroyingtheillusion
Instagram: @jaysather

8:16 pm Pacific Time….[X22Report]….Think Projection, Time Is Up, Haiti Op Underway [C]? – Episode 1718b

MSM is attacking the Trump administration to make it look like there is chaos and people are quitting or being fired. Investigations now being moved to the Senate. MSM pushing indictment conspiracy, then turns around and says Mueller has sealed indictments. The deep state leaked the Assange sealed indictment, they are using projection for what is coming. Trump makes a spelling mistake when he tweets Schitt, or is it a spelling mistake, no coincidences. There is an operation in Haiti going down, groups controlled by the [C] are removing certain individuals to cover their tracks. North Korea returns a US citizen.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

7:33 pm Pacific Time….[Youtupe Mania]….Breaking: Migrant Clashes In Tijuana U.S Border, Worse To Comes

Youtupe Mania

Published on Nov 19, 2018

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Breaking: Migrant Clashes In Tijuana U.S Border, Worse To Comes

Hundreds of Tijuana residents congregated around a monument in an affluent section of the city south of California on Sunday to protest the thousands of Central American migrants who have arrived via caravan in hopes of a new life in the U.S.

Tensions have built as nearly 3,000 migrants from the caravan poured into Tijuana in recent days after more than a month on the road, and with many more months ahead of them while they seek asylum. The federal government estimates the number of migrants could soon swell to 10,000.