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What have I been doing! To my followers on Gab.ai, Twitter.com, Minds.com and gazelledaily.com. I have been on gazelledaily.com, I have been adding to and reworking the Agriculture link [at the top of the page], you now have all the Ranchers, Farmers, Gardeners, Homesteaders and Beekeepers from around the linked to one page, by their State or Country [or in some cases “Other” if I can’t find where they live] there are 74 Content Providers up as of now on that page. {AGRICULTURE}.I have changed the name of the Opinion link to “Commentary” link. and now have 38 Content Providers up there. I also added some new links to the “News” link, you will not find CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS…….        on this link, but from different “News” sources, I 20 so far up here. If you have been to gazelledaily before you would have seen “For My Mum, it is now gone. and yes my Mother said it was OK, to remove it. I have moved all Indiana Hoosiers Sports I follow to a new link. Sports” along with the World of Cycling (Pro Cycling) “Bicycle Racing around the world”. I have not changed anything on the Siskiyou County Link Yet! Plus I added a new link, {Front Page} which will help you to get back to the front page which is the Daily Blog. The Web guy wants me the tell you all that you can write your Thoughts, add your Videos or pictures on the Add Your Voice at anytime. Now I need to get something off my chest, I travel the web everyday 8 to 16 hours a day and try to find different things you my want to see. but I don’t know if you are seeing them, so if you are please like heard do what you do if you see it and like it. plus if you think someone know like to see it, repost, share, add to someone get it out there for me. thanks.  plus stop by gazelledaily.com and help to get my count numbers up so that I can, get some sponsors someday. I do this for free now, so do as you want, but a little help goes along way.  thanks for reading this         Jesse….gazelledaily.com…Founder   Peace all


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