…Jesse’s Word…Monday March 12, 2018…9:19 am PST….New #QAnon Page

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Good Day All,

Today I have build a new link to the a section call QAnon, This page  has all the content providers I have found in my travels around the internet, I have brought them to one page for you. I have found that after the purge a few weeks ago, many people where removed from the web, so I have to find more content, now they are returning, so I now have twice as many content providers as I had earlier, I have been remaking the links at the top of my front page, so time is not on my side, I have to give in somewhere. So I have made a choice to build, to make it bigger more links, “News“, “QAnon“, “Commentary“,     “Agriculture“, Siskiyou County“, “Sports“, and a place you add your voice. I need to add more links to each page and remake some others. So come by and see the new QAnon page @, for more Qanon then any other website  on the net, plus I will be adding more as I find them. plus stop by for all them Ag @ the Agriculture link. You want daily Commentary here. Over 40 content providers just in this subject and more to come. If you w hat to see Pro-Cycling from around the world and some Indiana Hoosiers sports go to the Sports link. Get soon  news from link, over 25 News outlets are here.  So stop by and see what I have found today.  help me help you.   Jesse

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