4-9-18…8:55 am PST…Jesse’s Word…New to the website, gazelledaily.com, Siskiyou County Section

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Jesse’s Word


Good day all,

Today we are going to check out some new links up on the Siskiyou County section. I have not check them out , since the web guy told me that they where up, so let’s go check them out.  Ok we still have the map of Siskiyou County up, cool, 160 miles East to West, the shortest area north to south is 60 miles,  Pop. 45,000 people.  ok now, what’s next Chambers of Commerce, cool, we have 9 different Chambers here in Siskiyou, from all around the county. Cities cool, we need to get up a few more but it a start. thanks to the Curtis, web guy for all his hard work, now check out the video below, you may find something that you didn’t know.  and check out the Sports section, in the World of Cycling, I add some more links to the mix, so we can get more racing videos,  News area has some new links as does the Commentary area. check them out and all the other area above.  Have great day Jesse.

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