Siskiyou I-5 T & E Guide – 05-10-18 – The Blog – Changes Are Here!

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Good Day All,

Today there will be change on what I put up. I will not be adding News or Commentary on Politics or #AQnon from this time forward, You will be able to find links to them up on I have over 115 links or go to all other places on the web that have this stuff up. I will be putting the things I want to seeing, Like Agriculture videos, Pro Bicycle Racing videos, Hoosiers Sport later this Summer and Siskiyou County Stuff.

I know many of you will not like this, but this how it’s going to be.  if you wish to block me or remove me, I’m good with that.  I’ll start over.

This to help to clear my mind and to get away from all the stuff that out there, Right now I’m work on getting the I need to do videos and the web guy is making sure that I can load my videos up to the site so I will not have to load them on another platform.  I hope that you will still watch the new Blog, But if not, is cool.

Have a great day.   Jesse

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