09-03-18….8:18 pm PT….#QAnon….JustInformed Talk….”NSA NO MORE” Satellites & Servers Offline?

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Good Day,
Just got back from my trip around southern Oregon, Long, always a hard run, But not as much smoke up there, I was thankful for that.
Well lets get started, today I have a video on Qanon, Now know this I will always put up both side on this matter, as they come up! My teacher, Lee Stranahan and his School, https://www.CitizenJournalismSchool.com, I know he will not be happy, but that’s what I have always do.  Now I have to tell you something, I am not a Journalism, I will never be a Journalism, I don’t write will enough, so I surf the web to find things for you to see. One day I hope to build a place on gazelledaily.com, So I can give a platform or place for Citizen Journalisms, to put up their stuff! I believe we here in Siskiyou County
need better news, and So do you.  Ok, back to QAnon. Here is the 1st one I came across today, By: JustInformed Talk,
He does a fine job of giving you what he believes, So here it is: “NSA NO MORE” Satellites & Servers Offline?
Check him out!
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