09-05-18….9:16 pm PT….Jesse….This is the dumbest thing….Gouch needs to check his links.

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Yes, That was a dumb things to do, ask for your help and put a link, “and is broken”, Well, lets start over. I need you help! I am build a new section on gazelledaily.com and I do not want to have Ad’s on the site. “GazelleDaily haves the right to sell a cool light bulb, that helps clean the air of smoke, and many other thing, link here” All the money made will go gazelledaily.com.

gazelledaily.com is viewer funded! so I do need your help! go to gazelledaily.com, go find the Green button this says Contribute, (Phone: go down to near the bottom, there it is! PC users: to the right side of the page. there it is!) click on it! what asking of you is $1.00, help to get to our goal, ” which I just found has went up to $565.00,” the new platform will be a great start and open up avenues to other sections.” Please help us to grow.   at a $1.00 at a time. thanks for your help.

Jesse   Founder  gazelledaily.com

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