Sept 9 – 6:10 pm Pacific Time – #Farming – Rice Farming TV….World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat Farmer: Behind the Scenes!

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Here Is A Great California Rice Farmer’s YouTube Channel….Rice Farming TV

Today’s Video….World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat Farmer: Behind the Scenes!

I’m now the World’s largest Rice Krispies Treat farmer after my last video. This is the behind the scenes/making of that video. If you haven’t watched “Rice Krispies Treats Farmer Explains How Rice Krispies Treats are Made” then click here:…

In this episode of Rice Farming TV I’m going to take you through the thought process, pre-production, filming and post-production of the video.

Also because the ‘Rice Krispies Treat Farmer’ character was so fun to play–I’m bringing him back to explain what it takes to not only be a successful farmer, but what it takes to be the World’s largest Rice Krispies Treat farmer.

A special thanks to Nick Fox for helping me shoot and edit the project. It was a lot of fun. Check out Nick’s awesome film work at his YouTube Channel:…


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