Sept 11 – 9:33 am Pacific Time – @POTUS – LIVE ON-AIR NEWS – President Trump Delivers Remarks In Shanksville Pennsylvania

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@POTUS Speech (Sept 11)

Here is a YouTube Channel…..LIVE ON-AIR NEWS

Todays Video….President Trump Delivers Remarks In Shanksville Pennsylvania

President Trump Delivers Remarks In Pennsylvania On Anniversary. President Trump spoke at a ceremony in Pennsylvania today to commemorate.
Trump somberly acknowledged the thousands of people whose lives were changed forever 17 years ago, saying “we honor their sacrice by pledging to never flinch in the face of il and to do whatever it takes to keep America safe.” He ended up speaking at length about the “incredible valor” the assengers showed as they “joined the immortal ranks for American heroes.”
“They boarded the plane as strangers, and they entered eternity linked forever as true heroes,” Trump said. “They bravely charged the cockpit. They  the enemy. They fought until the very end, and they stopped the forces of terrnd defeated

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