What the He&* is this site about

WELCOME to GazelleDaily.com

We join you in saying “What the He&* is this site about??!!”

We have spent the last year, (yes we just celebrated our first year anniversary) asking ourselves the same question.  So,  let us try to explain what we THINK is the purpose of GazelleDaily.com

So, we started out being a news outlet, but we found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of news (fake and sorta real, we think). With the news, we also wanted to show videos of commentators which we follow. Like Diamond And Silk Lauren Southern , Mike Cernovich , and Styxexenhammer666 (Note for our Christian friends: Don’t let the name discourage you…this is not a demon-filled person just a name, we really enjoy listening to him) just to list a few. For a complete listing please visit our Commentary Page .

Are you tired of hearing all of the talking heads in politics and world news…then head on over to our site GazelleDaily.com and find some relaxing web surfing and maybe a little education!

Agriculture Page and watch segments in our BeekeepingFarmingGardeningHomesteadingLogging, & of course Ranching.

Indiana Hoosiers—You guessed it the founder of GazelleDaily.com is a Hoosier. This page is everything about Indiana University, where the founder’s Mum works in the book store.
NewsCannabis Talk 101Chicks On The RightDrudge ReportThe White HouseWH Press BriefingsAngry Patriot Movement are just a few of the News Outlets which we follow. If you would like a specific outlet and don’t see it here…let us know and we will consider adding it, even if it does not agree with our personal thoughts and beliefs…GazelleDaily believes that in order to form a valid and informed decision or belief…you must hear more than beliefs which correspond with your own.

So, now that you have information overload.  Go ahead, just click through these links, and come to visit in the next few days to learn what else we have in the pages of the GazelleDaily.com…Peace!!

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