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For those that would like to have a blog represented on Gazelledaily.com, please simply request through email to representative@Gazelledaily.com, that our admins or whomever we assign the task, review your site.

This will also be an open forum with like-minded friends.

We realize that for every subject, there are two or more sides to each opinion, we will try to not just present only one side of any topic. In order to have a meaningful discussion, Gazelledaily.com is an open forum.

We are located in the original State of Jefferson (now here’s a hot topic to be discussed, is it a state of geography to be the 51st state of the USA or a state of mind (guided by the pioneer spirit which conquered the Great NorthWest?), just 20 miles south of the capital city, Yreka. Our industries include Agriculture (i.e. Ranching, Farming, Gardening), Mining, Logging, Rural Health Care. Not only are these the industries in our home but are the major concerns of this site.