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Sept 23 – 12:53 pm – Today I am going to do something different, for this Post! We are going to take a trip, 298 days. (The Great American Farm Tour) by [Justin Rhodes] and Family! – Ep. #1

Hi All,

Ep #1. of The Great American Farm Tour by Justin Rhodes and Family!

I have never been thought the whole tour, so this will be mission to get thought all of them, plus I may find some new Content Creators to add to the Agriculture Section

This is Ep #1….The Great American Farm Tour BEGINS!!!

Family of six begins an epic journey to discover America’s greatest farms. Leaving NC for stop #1 in Athens, Georgia for a pig butchering.

Sept 22 – 10:31 pm Pacific Time – Juan Browne – [blancolirio] – My go to guy for Rebuilding Oroville Dam News! – Oroville Spillway Rebuild Boots on the Ground Report- Part I

Part I of II
Special thanks to Jeff Petersen (Kiewit Engineering) Teresa Shada (Kiewit Engineering) and Erin Mellon (DWR) for providing an exclusive boots on the ground Tour of all the construction details to date at the Oroville Main Spillway and Emergency Spillway.

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