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[Our Wyoming Life]….Padcast..#22: The Peace After Selling Calves

Beyond the Ranch
By Mike & Erin
This is Beyond the Ranch, a podcast featuring Mike & Erin from Our Wyoming Life. Giving you an inside look at the real life, struggles and triumphs of managing a ranch, market farm, YouTube channel, 3 kids and life, all at the same time.

22: The Peace After Selling Calves
Yesterday, Erin and Mike sold calves off the ranch, and today they talk about how it feels to have the calves gone, how sleeping is difficult for the next few days and why. They also dive into moving cows, the cows language and this weekends videos impact on the channel.

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[The Rest Of The Story]….Under Pressure

Well I gotta say I try to make these videos in a way that they’re pretty much self explanatory. Any way for those of you that haven’t seen my videos before, they’re about the day in and day out life on a crop and cattle farm in southwest Wisconsin. I try to avoid doing to much editing in my videos and keep them as close to the original raw footage as I can because lets be honest farming isn’t edited as I live it.

You’re Watching, The Rest Of The Story, Good Day…

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