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3:19 pm Pacific Time….[Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL]….Permaculture Farm Tour & Herbalist’s Plant Walk (w/ Sarah Wu @ Punta Mona Center)

Join us for more of this incredible plant walk & permaculture farm tour (part 3) with Sarah Wu, herbalist & director at the Punta Mona Center For Regerative Design & Botanical Studies, an 85-acre wildlife refuge & permaculture hot spot for year-round learning through internships, PDC’s (Permaculture Design Courses), herbal education programs, retreats & eco-tourism).

[Justin Rhodes]….This Cow Move COULD have gone Bad | But Didn’t

Justin Rhodes

Published on Oct 30, 2018
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Volunteers are here and they’re helping make this farm happen. In this episode a hodge podge team moves a BULL and STEER. This could have gone (real) bad, but thankfully, it didn’t.
WATCH the Hollar’s take over our farm (as us) :

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