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4:02 pm Pacific Time….[Stoney Ridge Farmer]….The Best Choice in Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Today’s farm vlog: The Best Choice in Bluetooth Hearing Protection Farm, Work, OSHA or Tactical Application: Worktunes 3M Muffs 24db or try Isotunes Pro 27db Earbuds OSHA Approved

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Best Watch I’ve ever owned:

Oakley Gas Can Sunglasses:

DJI Mavic PRO Drone:

Sony 4k Handycam:

Go PRo Hero 4 (4k video):

3:19 pm Pacific Time….[Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL]….Permaculture Farm Tour & Herbalist’s Plant Walk (w/ Sarah Wu @ Punta Mona Center)

Join us for more of this incredible plant walk & permaculture farm tour (part 3) with Sarah Wu, herbalist & director at the Punta Mona Center For Regerative Design & Botanical Studies, an 85-acre wildlife refuge & permaculture hot spot for year-round learning through internships, PDC’s (Permaculture Design Courses), herbal education programs, retreats & eco-tourism).

2:50 pm Pacific Time….[Sean James Cameron – Diary of a UK Gardener]….#gardening #allotment #seansallotmentgarden Sean’s Allotment Garden 29: Overwintering Dahlias and Bonfires (Nov Y1) Busy weekend preparing the dahlias for overwintering and enjoying the allotment site celebrations for Guy Fawkes night with traditional bonfires and fireworks.

My passion is gardening whether it’s vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers. Videos follow my journey in-and-out of the garden. Check out my Blog/Website at

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