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8:42 pm Pacific Time….[Destroying the Illusion]….[11.5] Pentagon Audit Soon! (Missing Trillions) & Navy’s Role in Space Force (Secret Space Programs)

Pentagon Girds for Audit Backlash That May Echo $435 Hammer Era –
U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds –
The US Air Force still can’t explain why it spent $1,280 on a coffee cup –
Navy Expects Major Role in New Space Force –

[Black Conservative Patriot]….#Trump #TrumpRally #Campaign THEY’RE HERE! And Guess Who is Helping Them??? |TRUMP Ensnares Press & BHO…AGAIN!

The First of the Caravan have arrived in Missouri and a major Democrat candidate’s staff is assisting them using campaign resources which is a no-no and a violation of many laws and statutes. But the real news here is the fact that Trump baited the press [again] when he claimed that Democrats were behind funding this supposed exodus. They called him a liar, but he was right along! Here is proof! (Thanks to Mr. O and PV.) We will look at how Trump recently baited potus 44 as well; I will show you here in words and videos how BHO gets caught time and time again lying to the public.

#Trump #TrumpRally #Campaign

[James Red Pills America]….#BlackAmericans #PresidentTrump #WalkAway Gloriously Inspiring!! Trump Supporters: We Are Triumphant – Walk Away To Prosperity

Never Mind the Lies and Distortion of the Mainstream Media. Lynne Patton, a Female Trump Organization Executive Will Tell You the Truth. Because of brave Black folks like Lynne, #BlackAmericans no longer believe the repeated and reprehensible attempts to align #PresidentTrump and his family with racist hate mongering groups, campaigns and messaging. The Trump family is without question one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families in the world, and ALL Americans are beginning to realize that, in spite of the constant and never-ending attacks on our great President by the foaming-at-the-mouths Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, or whatever it is you call them these days. That’s why I urge you all to consider taking your future into YOUR hands and just #WalkAway from the rhetoric, divisiveness, hate, fear mongering, lies, anger and violence of the Democrat party. I urge you to NOT vote based solely on the color of your skin, but based upon the values that you know to be right, true and Godly.


#LynnePatton – The Trump Organization

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First Aired on ‘Defending The Truth’ YouTube Channel

[Black Conservative Patriot]….#Trump #PressConference TRUMP TO CARAVAN: Turn Back Now! You Won’t Be Allowed In. Military Authorized to Use…..

#Trump #PressConference

This video features highlights and is an analysis of today’s press conference. I will be commenting throughout the video.

If you want to watch the press conference uniterupted, without commentary, it is on my back up channel and can be seen here:

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[American Intelligence Media]….CITIZENS DEMAND – No more election rigging, meddling, and/or interference

We are sick and tired of the government not paying attention to ELECTION RIGGING so we took our complaint to the Supreme Court. See the complaint:… Continue your citizen education as you listen to the Conclave talk about the process :Douglas Gabriel, Michael McKibben and James M. Miller.

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