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[The Hated One]….Google vs DuckDuckGo | Search engine manipulation, censorship and why you should switch

Ultimate comparison between DuckDuckGo and Google is here listing all the reasons why you should switch from Google Search to DuckDuckGo.

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Switch to DuckDuckGo
Also install DuckDuckGo on your phone and web browser too!

Because search engines are second gate-keepers to the internet, it’s absolutely crucial to choose the one that will respect your privacy and provide uncensored and unfiltered search results. Google’s search neutrality has been compromised. Google notoriously develops more and more of its own tools that it then puts in front of organic search results.

DuckDuckGo’s business model is the greatest advantage over Google Search. DuckDuckGo doesn’t have a filter bubble. Its search results are derived from over 400 sources, that include big search engines like Bing or Yahoo, but also DuckDuckGo’s own web crawlers. Its organic results aren’t intervened by personalized filters, because DuckDuckGo doesn’t maintain a personal profile on you like Google does.

[Black Conservative Patriot]….TRUMP: ISIS SLEEPERS EMBEDDED IN #ImmigrantCaravan! That’s Why Military to be Deployed to Border!

During the Trump Rally in Arizona, Trump said that ISIS and MS-13 are embedded within the Immigrant Caravan coming from Honduras. He spoke in code and called them “Bad” and “Tough” guys. Team 17 told us back in January 2018 that the 16 Year Plan to destroy America included The Deep State and Globalists using our weak Open Borders to funnel in #IslamicState fighters and #MS13 foot soldiers to reign terror and weaken our country. If you were paying attention, you would have already seen that. And of course, the obvious ploy to get more Democrat Party voters through a new set of impoverished and dependent voters. Here I show you what Trump was talking about when he said Bad Tough guys. We look at the Syrians caught in Honduras 3 years ago, the Islamic State guys caught in Guatemala about 2 weeks ago and of course, the Team 17 Post from January.

#TrumpRally #ImmigrantCaravan #QAnon #HonduranCaravan #OpenBorder #OpenBorders

[Black Conservative Patriot]…#HonduranCaravan #migrant #invasion INVASION! Dirty Democrats Manufactured This Caravan Crisis! Here’s The Proof. Trump is Right Again!

Trump Tweeted that the Honduran Caravan was the work of Open Border Democrats. Let’s Look at the facts.
#HonduranCaravan #migrant #invasion #honduras #TrumpinAZ #Caravan #Border #Trump #openborders #DemonRats #Democrats

Original Title IT’S TRUE! Deep State Dems Behind Caravan Crisis! Here’s The Proof. Trump Proved Right, Yet Again!

[Wisdom Land]….The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Documentary HD

The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made. A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be “the biggest scam of modern times.” According to Martin Durkin the chief cause of climate change is not human activity but changes in radiation from the sun. Some have called The Great Global Warming Swindle the definitive retort to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Using a comprehensive range of evidence it’s claimed that warming over the past 300 years represents a natural recovery from a ‘little ice age’.
According to the program humans do have an effect on climate but it’s infinitesimally small compared with the vast natural forces which are constantly pushing global temperatures this way and that. From melting glaciers and rising sea levels, The Great Global Warming Swindle debunks the myths, and exposes what may well prove to be the darkest chapter in the history of mankind. According to a group of leading scientists brought together by documentary maker Martin Durkin everything you’ve ever been told about global warming is probably untrue. Just as we’ve begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made phenomenon, Durkin’s documentary slays the whole premise of global warming.
“Global warming has become a story of huge political significance; environmental activists using scare tactics to further their cause; scientists adding credence to secure billions of dollars in research money; politicians after headlines and a media happy to play along. No-one dares speak against it for risk of being unpopular, losing funds and jeopardizing careers.”

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