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3:00 pm Pacific Time….[Tim Pool]….#Acosta #Trump Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Access Revoked

Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Press Access Revoked following an incident involving a White House intern. In a video Acosta can be seen resisting an intern who is trying to take the mic from him and bring it to an NBC reporter.

Tensions flared online as people debated whether Acosta crossed a line. In my opinion, he did but only because of his repeated behavior of arguing with Trump and making himself the story.

Jim Acosta will no longer be able to report on White House briefings unless they decide to return his press access


10:19 pm Pacific Time….[Space Force News]….EXPLOSIVE 🔴 President Trump Press Conference on Midterm Elections Results at The White House

(No Ads now, Solely Your Support, Please Donate $1 Thank you very much!) President Trump addresses reporters at post-election day news conference.

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