Fensterfarm Greenhouse

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…….In The USA…January & February most of us are longing for spring, warm weather, heading back outdoors and for many getting their hands dirty in the garden! Some of us however, have found a way to get through the ‘BLAH” that comes with the cold wet winter weather. Greenhouse gardening is how we do it. Building a greenhouse can cost as little as 150 dollars and at a minimum extend your growing season and depending on your “Garden Zone” could allow you to garden year around. I live in the Memphis TN area (zone 7) and I have been eating fresh tomatoes all winter long. I still long for the warmth of spring but I am eating fresh veggies until it arrives! I also began raising Tilapia a few months ago and I have started using the aquaculture as part of my greenhouse gardening system AKA Aquaponics. Take a look and let me know what you think!
Go Play in the dirt and God Bless!