The Funky Farmer

……The Funky Farmer Is A Dairy Farmer from Southwest England

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This channel is dedicated to life on our small family run dairy farm in Gloucestershire, England. The videos have been put together by me as i work on the farm. I will be filming on the farm for an entire year and hope to end up with a record of what its like to work on a small farm in the uk.
We are not a large scale intensive farm and firmly believe in farming with the environment in mind.
I welcome positive comments and factual corrections (I don’t always get it right). Negative and destructive comments may be removed because I do this for fun and I want to enjoy it as well!

If you like my channel you might be interested in my book
‘A Year on a Dairy Farm by Richard Cornock’
The book is the story of a year on our farm in words and pictures and is available on Amazon and on my website.