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Jesse’s Word


Good day all!  Today I will be talking about the website’s new changes. As you know, if you have been to gazelledaily.com, you arrive on the News Page, There’s a lot of News outlets here, so check them out. Now look up to the links, go to the Home button, it takes you to the Blog, now I have not been doing as good of a job, keeping up with the section, I’m sorry I will get better at it. Plus, you can go to the Gazelle Daily icon and go to the Blog too! The Agriculture button is next, Ranchers, Farmers, Gardeners, Homesteaders, Loggers and Beekeepers will be found here, hope you enjoy the videos, The News is next News Outlet, and the link to The Commentary Section, 77 different people here, and their videos that do daily Commentary on all things, and a link to Oroville Dam, The Rebuilding of a Dam, there are a group of people in videos that talk about Oroville Dam, in some way. Next Siskiyou County my home, you will find all things to do with Siskiyou County, “Far Northern California”, I will be adding much more here as time allows. Sports button, All 2 areas here, Indiana Hoosiers Sports, I only follow a few teams, and the World of Cycling, Pro Cycling Racing from around the world, “you can find my World of Cycling Group on Minds.com if you follow me there. Add Your Voice, What on your mind, add it here, to the gazelledaily.com’s Blog.  thanks for you time.   until next time.   Jesse

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