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Jesse’s Word


Good Day Folks,

Today I’m going to be writing about some new links that are up and the future.

I what to start by thanking all of you that are reading this on,,, Google plus, and my blog at thanks for taking your time to read this.

Now we need to go over to the website to see some new things, like in the News page, I have added some more News outlets,  I think there’s 30 links up there. Commentary Page, I added a few, 87 links here as of today. (now when you go to one of my area and push a link it will take you to their website or their YouTube Channel Video area, that is so you can check out all of their videos, they have made), Don’t forget to check out the Oroville Dam Link, they are rebuilding the area around the Dam. Agriculture link you will fined, a area that will let you get a way from your our rat race and follow other peoples life far different from your own. It is set up by states and country, Ranching, Farming, Gardening, some Homesteaders, Beekeepers, and some loggers, check it out!

Over at the Sports area you will find Stuff for my Mum, some Indiana Hoosiers Sport teams, plus area that I try to follow though out the year, World of Cycling, this all I can find on Pro Cycling from around the world. Last but no least Siskiyou County my home county out here in Northern California, you will find videos of the State of Jefferson from 1941, and the real state of Jefferson, plus a map of the area and other links, hope you have fun.

In the future I will be adding ways to make money on the site, right now, I make no income from it. so me and the part time web guy are doing it all. That will need to change soon, I have had the site for 12 months working to get the name out. I don’t what to put ad’s all over it, so I have moved to add a Affiliate Program to the site, if they ok the site I’ll start selling some products. I need to raise some money, so I can start adding some more staff, we can grow to the next level, Now you have to remember that Siskiyou County is one of the poor counties in California. So I will be trying to hire as many people from the county as I can along the way. at least 50 to 60%, hopefully. But we will see.

Thinks for your time.   Jesse

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