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John Deere 8420 Fertilizing Rice! | 360º Tractor Video – Rice Farming TV – Ep. 103 – Farming – *YouTube Video* (23:07 minutes)

    Rice Farming TV         In this 360º tractor video ride along in a John Deere 8420 while fertilizing rice. The 2019 rice planting season in California is coming to an end. This is the last field on the rice farm that needs fertilizer. The John Deere tractor is applying 90 gallons of aqua ammonia (or...

From April 24, 2017- the Great American Farm Tour – Ep. 70 – Thomas Jefferson’s FAMOUS Garden – Justin Rhodes *YouTube Video* (9:16 minutes)

    Justin Rhodes         the entire family visits Monticello, the famous home (and garden) of founding father, Thomas Jefferson. ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Monticello: Love these vlogs? You can support our effort with a small contribution through Patreon: ______________________________ SUPPORT US WHILE YOU SHOP: What to support us for FREE shop...

Simple Pin Makes Back Yard PIGS Possible (and pleasurable) – Justin Rhodes – Homesteading – *YouTube Video* (15:08 minute)

          Justin Rhodes       I didn’t know I’d like keeping Pigs in my Backyard so much. This PigPort is an absolute pleasure and it’s surprisingly nice to have the pigs too close. In this vlog we aim to work on the forest pigs, but get rained out and find ourselves working to maintain on...

Joel Salatin Style Coops Updated with Best Nest Box – Best Nest Box – *Youtube Video* (5:32 minutes)

      Best Nest Box       Collect clean chicken eggs! Learn more about Best Nest Boxes here: Cliff McConville of All Grass Farms, shares with us their process of switching over from the old traditional nest boxes to the Best Nest Boxes. Cliff made the coops borrowing Joel Salatin’s scissor-truss design and tested out one...

Quick John Deere 7520 Tractor Video: Mostly Fertilizing California Rice Fields! – Rice Farming TV – *YouTube Video* (11:10 minutes)

      Rice Farming TV       In this epic John Deere 7520 tractor video we are going to fertilize our rice fields. This is the final bit of tractor work required on the rice farm before planting the 2019 crop. Soon we will flood our rice fields with irrigation water and fly on the seed. Plant 2019...….5:52 pm Pacific Time….(01/01)….[Our Wyoming Life]….A Blizzard- Feeding and Recovery on the Ranch

A blizzard dumps almost a foot of snow along with 40 mph winds and creates 4 foot drifts on the ranch. Cows still need fed, animals still need checked and the project list awaits. During the storm we put new lights on the gator, then start the recover process of moving snow and getting free.
Join us on our journey as we leave a life in corporate america to come back to Wyoming and help on the family ranch.

Our Wyoming Life features our Wyoming ranch and our ranch family. Giving you a look into the workings of ranching from raising cattle to raising and harvesting crops. Erin will join you weekly out of the garden, showing you how she helps provide for our family through growing produce and selling at local farmers markets, and Mike will take you along as he tends to the animals and land of ranch, from calving to fencing to planting and harvesting hay.….3:00 pm Pacific Time….(01/01)….[Tractorspotter]….Harvesting fiber hemp | Claas Xerion 4000 | Vezelhennep oogst | DunAgro

Harvesting fiber hemp using a converted Claas Xerion 4000 VC from DunAgro of Oude Pekela, The Netherlands. This machine separates the protein rich leaves form the fiber rich stems in one pass. The leaves go to be processed and dried and can be used as supplementary cattle feed. The stems are left on the ground and after a process of rotting, the stems are baled and processed and can be used in the textile industrie or for composite materials in the car industry.….1:16 pm Pacific Time….(01/01)….[MN Millennial Farmer]….MN Millennial Farmer Farm Flix

Find out more about Zach and his alter-ego the Millennial Farmer who is on a one-man mission to correct any mis-perceptions of farming with the city dwellers – watch more at

MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experience on the family farm. His vision is to build the connection between farmers and consumers.
Zach’s mission is to become a national voice for agriculture, provide farmer-to-farmer education, and facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.