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(Repost)…(01/23)…Beekeeping…(England)…(Video)…(01/18)…12:26 pm PT….[The Norfolk Honey Company]…Oxalic Acid Sublimation – Stewart Spinks at the Norfolk Honey Co.

Oxalic Acid Sublimation treatment of our colonies to remove any phoretic Varroa mites.
In this video I demonstrate the ProVap220 Oxalic Acid sublimator which I use to treat our colonies with oxalic acid vapour to kill off any phoretic varroa mites. Phoretic mites are those that attach themselves to the backs of honeybees rather than those found in the cells within the brood nest.
The ProVap220 unit is available from our website
The dose of Oxalic acid dihydrate that I use is 2.25g as suggested in the published scientific paper
Hasan Al Toufailia, Luciano Scandian & Francis L W Ratnieks (2015) Towards integrated control of varroa: 2)comparing application methods and doses of oxalic acid on the mortality of phoretic Varroa destructor mites and their honey bee hosts, Journal of Apicultural Research, 54:2, 108-120, DOI: 10.1080/00218839.2015.1106777

(Repost)…(01/22)…BeeKeeping…(Video)…12:04 pm PT… (01/18)…[Barnyard Bees]…New & First Year Beekeepers Let’s Talk

New First Year Beekeepers Let’s Talk
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New beekeepers and first year beekeepers watch this video to the end, alot of good beekeeping information. If Honeybees is what you are interested in getting, then do your homework, and study hard so you will have a basic knowledge about beekeeping. Check out the channels below to learn some good beekeeping ideas.