From Jesse – Oct 07, 2018 – Sunday – 9:10 pm Pacific Time – Beekeeping – [Barnyard Bees] – How to find mites with your cell phone Read Description

Barnyard bees beekeeping technique to finding mites on your honey bees using your cell phone,PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY A TOOL. keep in mind that I highly recommend to still treat your bees for Veroa mites with oxalic acid vaporization or mite strips. We have everything necessary to treat at our store. We have the vaporizer tools including the provap 110 check them out on our website below.
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From Jesse – Oct 07, 2018 – Sunday – 8:50 pm Pacific Time – Gardening – [Rob Bob’s Aquaponics & Backyard Farm] – Aquaponics, Renovation & Root Pouch Garden Update

Aquaponics, Renovation & Root Pouch Garden Update
G’Day Folks. Here’s a catch-up on how the aquaponic system is travelling, as well as an update on the renovations & Root Pouch gardens.
I’ll be doing similar updates as the renovations progress. I know a few of our long time YouTube friends will like to know how it they’re progressing, so will keep you all up to date. 👍
Will start work on the aquaponic system explanation clips once we’re all moved in & settled in the rental house.
Hope you enjoy this update clip & your gardens are booming. Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅