[Golden State Times]….President Donald Trump Welcomes Released Prisoner Pastor Andrew Brunson to the White House

Must Watch: President Donald Trump Welcomes Released Prisoner Pastor Andrew Brunson to the White House

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[Little Bits Honey Bees joe may]….A Indiana BeeKeeper….(Bloomington}….Weekly Beginners Series ( week 27)

Honey Bees and Bee Keeping. I sell honey bees I have five
Weekly inspection and a little fall bee talk.

frame nucs available from April to Sept. I try to do learning videos for the beginner to the expert. In bee keeping you never stop learning when you think you have them figured out they will show you different. As a commercial bee keep I am in the bees every day I can pick up small things that a hobbyist bee keeper never pick up. I try to pass this knowledge on in my videos. Little Bits Honey Bees is located in south central Indiana (Bloomington) Thank You for watching. Skinny Bee Man

[Tim Pool]….Study Shows Conservatives Outnumber Progressives 3 to 1

#SocialJustice #Progressive #Conservative
New Study Is Bad News For Progressive Activists as it shows 80% of Americans think political correctness is a problem. It shows that progressive activists only make up 8% of the country but conservatives make up 25%.

Even more interesting for those focused on social justice and diversity is that the “politically disengaged” group actually shares its values and concerns with conservatives. This probably explains why media companies and politicians that chase social justice and progressive issues don’t do that well

[Total Eclipse] – Q Anon HRC And Cheryl Mills Security Clearance Removed, Trump Warns Saudi Arabia….(Find more of his videos on the Commentary Link)

Hillary voluntarily had her security clearance removed on August 30, according to the State Dept., along with Cheryl Mills and 4 others on Sept 20 upon her recommendation. Let’s look at the repercussions of this crucial event.
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